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instagram: @amorfophotography

jess: +61 (0)499 686 564 | martin:+61 (0)499 686 567 

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You might be wondering about the meaning of our name. Amorfo combines the Latin and Greek words for love – amor – and light – phos – to neatly encapsulate our approach to photography: love of light.

A husband and wife team, we’re passionate about storytelling and the power of pictures to move and inspire. Our fresh, clean style has a daylight feel, but, since daylight can be a fickle friend, we merge our skill to observe and use daylight with flash lighting to maintain a consistent look and turn the scenes we photograph into something quite extraordinary. We aim to tell our clients’ stories in an authentic way while projecting the best vision of them and their personality to the world. 

We bring different but complementary cultural perspectives to our work: Jess hails from Australia and previously worked in costuming for film and television, while Martin grew up in Sweden and began his career in IT. We honed our craft over eight years living and working in the UK, where we were blessed to work in collaboration with some of the world’s best picture editors, art directors, makers and creators. We’re now based in Melbourne, where we continue working with leading publications, interiors, product, food, portraiture and on creative commissions. 

To find out more or to chat with us about your ideas, please get in touch. 




Some of our clients include:

Australian magazines our work has featured in: 

  • Gourmet Traveller Magazine
  • Home Beautiful Magazine
  • Real Living Magazine
  • Inside Out Magazine
  • House & Garden Magazine
  • The Block – Triple Threat Magazine
  • Marie Claire Magazine Australia
  • Qantas Magazine
  • Broadsheet - Melbourne

International magazines our work has featured in: 

  • RED Magazine
  • Elle Decoration Magazine UK
  • House Beautiful Magazine
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine
  • The Daily Telegraph UK
  • You & Your Wedding Magazine
  • Marie Curie Magazine (Northstar)
  • Landscape Magazine
  • Heritage Today Magazine (Seven Publishing)
  • Easy Jet Magazine (Ink Publishing)
  • Lloyds Abode and Home Smart Magazine (Seven Publishing)

Book publishers we have photographed for:

  • Hardie Grant - Roped In 
  • Murdoch Books - London Style Guide
  • Argument Förlag (over 40 titles for this Swedish Publishing Company)


Interior designers and creators we have photographed for:

  • Abby Seymour
  • Byzantine design
  • Handmaker's Factory
  • Ink and Spindle
  • Jane Holmes ID
  • Paper Empire
  • Petrina Turner Design
  • Sisällä
  • Space Grace & Style
  • Tennille Joy Interiors
  • Tina Lindner
  • Watts studio

Companies we have photographed for:

  • Aegis Media
  • Blink (Open Table)
  • Courtauld Institute of Art
  • Creative Mornings USA
  • Dulux
  • Espressohead
  • Flight Creative
  • Fry's Planet Word (Sprout Pictures)
  • Google (DHM Agency)
  • House of Fraser (Hearst Magazines Luxury Brands)
  • Jo Loves...
  • Lloyds Abode and Home Smart Magazine (Seven Publishing)
  • Pantene (Hearst Magazines Luxury Brands)
  • Talk coffee
  • Virgin Pure (Hearst Magazines Luxury Brands)